Club Tropicana

Bringing the Caribbean feel to your sleepover.

  • Cotton teepee 
  • Tropical bunting 
  • High quality foam mattress 
  • Super soft fleece blankets with pink pillowcases. 
  • Tray with white lantern per teepee
  • Our signature backdrop and stand
  • Decorative pillows
  • “Campfire” pillows and sheepskin rug
  • Starlight projector 
  • Themed props
  • Battery operated fairy lights 

        To keep: 

  • Box of cereal and sweet cone per  Teepee. 

( Packages may be subject to change and substitution) 

Pineapples? Moana? Watermelons? You got it! Pop over to our additional extras page to tailor your teepee party to your imagination.